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Former NFL star Terrell Owens films 'Karen' confrontation near Florida home

Retired football great Terrell Owens said he was going to get his mail when a woman accused him of speeding, and then a sheriff's deputy was called, footage showed.

Retired football great Terrell Owens posted video Thursday of a confrontation with a Florida neighbor — whom he dubbed "Karen" — after he says she called deputies to complain about his driving.

Owens claimed, in an Instagram video with more than 166,000 views as of Friday morning, that he was going to his mailbox when a woman yelled at him to stop speeding Wednesday evening.

When Owens stopped to respond to her, the Hall of Fame wide receiver said she called 911 and he waited for deputies to arrive, according to the former player's Instagram footage.

Throughout the 11-minute video, Owens, who is Black, kept calling the woman "Karen" as he addressed the camera.

“So when I called her ‘Karen,’ her husband wanted to tell me stop calling her ‘Karen,’” Owens said. “They thought I was just going to bow down and listen to all that mess. OK. This is where we are America.”

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