'Wrong number' text message scams are surging News

Wrong number scams — in which con artists send out huge batches of eye-grabbing but innocuous texts — have become the introduction du jour for scammers looking for people to bilk for money

The text message came late Tuesday. Like others I’d been getting recently, it wasn’t an obvious scam from the outset — no promise of a warranty or that I’d won a prize, no link to a suspicious website — but instead it seemed to be a frantic message intended for someone else.

It’s the kind of text message that has become common for just about anyone with a smartphone.

“Una, good evening, tomorrow morning the contract time of 10am is shifted to 3pm for signing, I don’t feel well, I need to go to the hospital tomorrow morning to see the doctor”

I responded that it was the wrong number. Of course, it didn’t end there. The person on the other end, “Anna,” struck up a conversation. 

Within a few minutes, she was offering to help me invest in cryptocurrency.


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