NFL gets roasted on Twitter for post about Hispanic Heritage Month

Twitter users are mocking the design of the NFL's campaign to celebrate Hispanic and Latino players as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The National Football League's design for Hispanic Heritage Month is far from a touchdown.

At least, that's according to Twitter users who have relentlessly mocked the design of the NFL's campaign to celebrate Hispanic and Latino players.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, the NFL shared an image for the “Por La Cultura” campaign. The image showed the league’s shield with an “eñe” accent over, the “N” in “NFL.” The “eñe” is written as “Ñ” in Spanish and is its own letter in the language rather than an “N” with a tilde over it, according to The Diversity Style Guide.

"This shield integrates unmistakable Latin flavor and is fundamental to our always-on, 365-day initiative," read an image posted by the NFL describing the Hispanic Heritage Month shield. "The electric brush stroke of the 'eñe' is filled with an infectious personality that is carried out through the rest of the look [and] feel."

The NFL said its month-long campaign "highlights Latino players, coaches and staff, celebrates Latino excellence and tells authentic stories of the community."

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