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Discord overhauls its Android app so you won’t have to wait for new features - The Verge

Discord is overhauling its Android app and moving to React Native. The move will mean new features arrive at the same time as iOS and desktop.

Discord is overhauling its Android app in the coming weeks so that new features and updates arrive at the same time as iOS and desktop. If you’re a Discord Android user, you’re probably used to seeing new features not appear for months after they were announced on iOS, and we saw that most recently with the Server Profiles feature being available on iOS way before Android.

“Historically, work on the Android implementation of new features would often be delayed until desktop and iOS were completed, resulting in some features that launched first on one platform before eventually arriving on another one,” explains the Discord product team in a blog post.

Discord is switching to React Native for its Android app, which will allow the company to roll out new features across every platform simultaneously. It also means that the design of Discord on Android will more closely resemble what you’re used to seeing on desktop or even iOS.

React Native is widely used across many popular mobile apps, including Instagram, Microsoft Outlook, Shopify, Tesla, Pinterest, and many more. Discord has been using React Native for its iOS app since it was open sourced by Meta in 2015, allowing the company to build its iOS app from the core of its React app.

The move to React Native on Android will also make Discord features and design more consistent across Android, iOS, and desktop. While the Discord Android app will still keep some specific customizations, things like font sizes will be aligned between Android and iOS.

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