Has the obsession with Alabama #RushTok gone too far? Viewers don’t think so.

Get ready for ‘season two’ of #RushTok: The sorority spectacle is back to (possibly) flood your social media feeds

This time last year, Sarah Coon had no idea why people were so obsessed with #BamaRush, or the broader phenomenon that became known as #RushTok.

Now, Coon, 34, is among the thousands invested in the TikToks of women, particularly those at the University of Alabama, documenting their experiences as PNMs (“potential new members”) going through the traditional Greek Life process of rushing aka getting to know the on-campus sororities with the hope that they are offered invitations to join at the end. 

Why there is a fixation with the trending #RushTokAug. 8, 202203:59She was so captivated by the #BamaRush videos — which racked up millions of views last year — that this time around she has created a spreadsheet to keep track of all the people who have already started posting about it. She has made the list public so others could follow along, too.

But some, including those within the Greek Life realm, have criticized Coon for the spreadsheet. She said she’s been shamed in Facebook posts and direct messages, which she shared with NBC News, and called out in an online Greek Life forum called Greek Rank.

“Some people were like, ‘I know you think this is funny, but you’re being named on Greek Rank, so you should watch out,’” Coon, of Ohio, said. “I was told, ‘Don’t do this. [The PNMs are] going to get blacklisted.” 


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