Where can you buy Taylor Swift tour tickets? Not Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster cancels Friday's public sale for Taylor Swift’s “Eras” concert, highlighting a broken concert ticket buying system, from StubHub to SeatGeek

Ticketmaster is, yet again, pointing blame at literally everyone but itself after the latest debacle involving tickets for Taylor Swift’s 2023 “Eras” concert tour. On Thursday, after days of frustration and confusion, Ticketmaster announced it was straight up canceling the planned public ticket sale as a result of “extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand.” Perhaps the de facto monopoly ought to reflect upon this line from America’s current No. 1 song, “Anti-Hero:” “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.”

Whether you’re a Swiftie superfan, NFL diehard or just enjoy the occasional Broadway musical, virtually everyone agrees that our ticket-buying experience is beyond broken. Trying to see your favorite artist often requires participating in a process that begins with hitting the refresh button hundreds of times over the course of a few minutes and hoping to hit the equivalent of a lottery until finally allowed into a transaction. The lucky ones earn the privilege of being held over a barrel by companies that can charge them whatever and however it would like. The vast majority aren’t so lucky, and must take their efforts to the secondary resale market, where they can expect considerable if not exponential markups on the face value of a ticket.

Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour likens to ‘error’s tour’ after Ticketmaster failNov. 18, 202202:22This, most everyone would agree, is a patently insane system. Yet it is allowed to persist because Ticketmaster and a few other stakeholders in the live event industry are enormous beneficiaries of the status quo.

As chairman of the New York state Senate’s investigations committee and author of top-to-bottom ticketing reform legislation, I’ve spent the past two years fighting to level the playing field for fans who currently face an incredibly rigged ticket-buying experience. Here’s why the system is broken and how we can fix it.

This, most everyone would agree, is a patently insane system. Yet it is allowed to persist.


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