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Health insurance a must-have amid vector-borne diseases this monsoon | Business News,The Indian Express

Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria are some of the common diseases that this season brings along.

Written by Amit Chhabra

The awaited arrival of the monsoon is a refreshing breather after the scorching heat of the summer. As much as we love the rains, it is also true that monsoons are the time when we become a lot more vulnerable to diseases than any other season.

Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria are some of the common diseases that this season brings along. So it is natural for one to be worried about their health during the monsoon season. However, a season as lively as monsoon deserves to be thoroughly enjoyed without having to worry about such health risks. A health insurance plan can help in protecting you and your family while you soak in the joys of the rainy season.

Talking about India, millions of people get infected by dengue, a deadly vector-borne disease, every year. Most of those cases are reported during the monsoons. In fact, of all the malaria cases that are reported in the South East Asian Region, around 70 per cent are reported in India. Dengue and malaria are not the only diseases which are common during the monsoons. Other ailments like typhoid, cholera and Hepatitis-A are also more common due to water logging and a general conducive environment for the growth of microorganisms during this season.

A health insurance policy is a must for anyone at any and all times. However, with monsoons leading to puddles of stagnant water, clogged drains and high humidity, it all leads to conducive conditions potent for the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms. Mosquitoes and other vectors are rampant, which can lead to serious health risks. Since all this leads to more chances of one falling sick and needing hospitalisation, health insurance can cover the cost of such hospitalisation providing you much-needed support during your time of need.

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