Kenya court blocks police deployment to Haiti - BBC News

Kenya had offered to lead a multinational force to tackle gang violence in the Caribbean country.

47 minutes agoShareclose panelShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingImage source, AFPImage caption, In October last year, the UN Security Council backed Kenya's offer to lead a multinational security force to HaitiBy Ian WafulaBBC News security correspondent, NairobiThe Kenyan High Court has blocked the government from deploying police officers to fight gangs in Haiti.

The judge argued that the deployment would be illegal as the National Security Council lacks the legal authority to send police outside Kenya.

He added that the council can only deploy military, not police, for peacekeeping missions such as Haiti.

Last year, Kenya had volunteered to lead a multinational security force in Haiti to quell gang violence.

The judge further explained that Kenyan law only allows the government to deploy police officers to another country if a reciprocal agreement exists between Kenya and the host nation.

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