'All for it' or 'distasteful'? Fans of the late icon Selena weigh in on a new, remixed single.

The new Selena single, “Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti,” based on a remix almost 30 years after her death has fans divided over how her family is still producing her music.

Nearly 30 years since her tragic death, the family of the enduring Latina pop icon Selena released a new single, a remix of a 1987 song that's part of an upcoming posthumous album, “Moonchild Mixes.”

As expected, the song’s release and the coming album have elicited strong responses — both in favor and against — from the legions of fans of the late Queen of Tejano’s music.

“I’m all for it,” Matthew Tienda, 30, of San Antonio, said about the song, “Como Te Quiero Yo A Ti,” or “The Way I Love You,” an orchestral mariachi ballad that has already clinched the No. 1 spot on iTunes’ Música Mexicana charts in the U.S. and Canada.

“She’s one of the biggest what-ifs in the music industry,” Tienda said. “We would’ve wanted to see what she could surpass — she was about to be huge.”

A Twitter user was “sobbing” over the newly released song, citing Selena as an inspiration. Another expressed excitement for the coming album.


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