US tells Israel it won't join any retaliatory strikes on Iran - BBC News

Officials said Joe Biden urged Israel to "think carefully" before launching a response to the attack.

4 days agoShareclose panelShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingRelated TopicsIsrael-Gaza warImage source, ReutersImage caption, Israeli and US aircraft and air defence systems shot down 99% of the drones launched by Iran.By Bernd Debusmann JrBBC News, White HouseThe White House has warned Israel that the US will not participate in any retaliatory strikes on Iran, senior administration officials have said.

Over 300 drones and missiles were fired at Israel overnight, which Iran said was in response to an 1 April strike on its consulate in Syria.

Almost all weapons were shot down by Israeli, US and allied forces before they reached their targets.

Officials said Joe Biden urged Israel to consider its response "carefully".

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, a senior administration official said that Mr Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "think very carefully and strategically" about how his forces replied to the unprecedented action, the first direct attack by Iran on the country.

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