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If you offer writing, editing, or publishing services and are looking for a client, our business directory of writers and editors will ensure you find a suitable match.

Do you need someone that has a way with words to bring your story to life? Whether you’re working on a news article, a novel, website content, or anything in between, one of the many professionals showcased in our classified ads for editing and writing could be the person for the job.

Services on offer in our classifieds for writers include proofreading, copyediting, line editing, and critiquing, as well as all types of writing (whether commercial or creative).

We also have a selection of publicists that can work their magic to get the word out about your work and get you the recognition you deserve. This includes help with marketing, advertising, public relations, and similar. Or, if you want to connect with a publisher, just look below at our extensive business directory.

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