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A lesson in democracy from the bees | Eye News,The Indian Express

Despite a queen bee to helm them, the apian world runs in perfect harmony

The moment the news got out that bees are ‘sentient’ Down in Jungleland (DiJ), at considerable personal risk and in a full beekeeper’s suit obtained an interview with the Queen of a well-established hive, whose location cannot be disclosed. Excerpts:

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DiJ: Congratulations Your Majesty! You have now been deemed to be a ‘sentient’ species along with the great apes, dolphins, elephants, parrots, and us. How does it feel?
Queen: So what’s new? We’ve always known who we are. Bees!

DiJ: So if you are a living creature that feels, and has emotions, how does it feel to be a queen? Also, don’t you think this ‘royalty’ business is a little outdated in these post-modern times, Your Majesty?
Queen: Sir, it was the workers that picked me – among others – to be their Queen. Believe me, it’s no easy job – as you may think. Try to lay up to 2,000 eggs every single day!

Dij: As a sentient being, don’t you think that the caste system is outdated, too?
Queen: It’s merely a division of labour. Unlike your caste system, my worker princesses can and do change their status as they grow. When very young, they work in the hive, tending to me and the babies and larvae. They keep the hive clean, keep us fed and well-looked after…

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