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Sleep tech runs the gamut from trackers to smart beds. Here’s the best sleep tech you can buy to fall asleep faster, monitor sleep trends, and regulate temperature.

The best sleep tech for you will heavily depend on what you want to improve. Is your main concern how sleep impacts your exercise performance? Or are you hoping to mask the sound of your snoring partner? Maybe you want a more health-focused aid that tracks breathing disturbances? Sleep tech runs the gamut from trackers and apps to expensive smart beds, but it doesn’t all address the same issues. Before you pull out your wallet, you should know how a gadget will help you achieve your specific sleep goals.

Another factor to keep in mind is how well a device slots into your lifestyle. There’s no point to wrist-based sleep trackers if you wake up in the middle of the night to take them off. If you can’t wear a watch, earbuds, or a ring to bed, you may want to look into non-invasive options like the Withings Sleep or the Google Nest Hub.

Likewise, excellent battery life is also a must. It’s not great if a device can’t reliably last through the night or requires a special charging schedule. (Fast charging can only help so much when you’re exhausted.) That’s why you won’t find smartwatches like the Apple Watch or any Wear OS watch on this list.

Also, take sleep tracking accuracy with a grain of salt. Sleep tech has come a long way in just a few short years, but these aren’t medical devices. Gadgets like the Withings ScanWatch might have FDA clearance for monitoring sleep disturbances, but that doesn’t mean they can diagnose you with sleep apnea. No matter how advanced the sensors are, or how many features a product may boast, trackers are meant to help spot when something’s off. Nothing more.

Taking all that into consideration, I’ve compiled these recommendations based on how well a sleep gadget addresses the problems it’s trying to fix. We also considered comfort, accuracy, battery life, and whether it provides good context for its data.

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