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P Chidambaram is former Finance minister of India.

P Chidambaram is former Finance minister of India.

Democracy is not just voting once every five years. Democracy has to be practised every day through dialogue, discussion, debate and dissent. By that standard, democracy in India is gasping for breath

P Chidambaram writes: Rising prices are badly hurting the people, especially the poor and the middle class. Consumption and savings have fallen, household debt has risen and malnutrition (especially among women and children) has increased. Sadly, the government is not willing to acknowledge these facts

P Chidambaram writes: A confident and effective policy response to China can emerge only if the Government took the Opposition parties into confidence, shared the facts and, through frank discussions, crafted a policy to deter China. Otherwise, we will keep counting the rounds of talks and delude ourselves that India has, in the altered circumstances, a China policy

P Chidambaram writes: Why are the accused denied bail? Pre-charge evidence, framing of charges, trial and arguments will — not may, it is will — take many years. Should the accused be in jail until the trial is over? Is pre-trial incarceration a substitute for trial, proof, conviction and punishment?


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