Isudan Gadhvi Interview: ‘We are not the Congress. We’ve forced Narendra Modi to enter schools. We set the narrative in Gujarat now’ | Political Pulse News,The Indian Express

Isudan Gadhvi, Aam Aadmi Party's chief ministerial face in Gujarat, speaks about why his party won't take its foot off the pedal.

Isudan Gadhvi: I’m campaigning across the state. We’re receiving terrific responses from people across Gujarat. It’s almost as if people themselves are fighting the polls on our behalf.

Q: Realistically, how many seats do you expect to win? You must have identified some constituencies where you are strong.

IG: Yes, we have. And we are working on it. But I want to reiterate that the results will be great for us.

Q: The latest perception is that AAP has lost its initial momentum.

IG: That is far from the truth. In fact, our internal surveys show that we have crossed the BJP in terms of vote share in the last three days. We are in a position to form the government. We have distributed at least 10,000 guarantee cards in every constituency in the last one week. In Khambhaliya, we have distributed 46,000 cards. Every card will cover at least two people, if not more.

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