Taratino bashes Marvel and modern movie era. Why that's so offensive.

Taratino bashes Marvel and modern movie era. Why that's so offensive.

The current era of film is one of “the worst in Hollywood history,” legendary director Quentin Tarantino declared on a podcast last week. He doubled down Monday on yet another podcast, declaring that “there are no more movie stars” because of the “Marvel-ization of Hollywood.” 

Tarantino isn’t the first big name Hollywood auteur to dump on the current movie-making status quo and its penchant for super-spectacle. In 2019, Martin Scorsese said that Marvel movies were “not cinema” and worried cinema was being “invaded” by them. Francis Ford Coppola added that Marvel films were “despicable.”

It’s hard to overstate what a massive change cinema has undergone in the past decade — or even in the past five years.

As it happens, I’m not a fan of Marvel films either. “Avengers: Endgame” (2019) and “Spider-Man: No Way Home” (2021) were marginally better than this year’s blockbuster, “Top Gun: Maverick,” but that’s a very low bar. Nonetheless, even to a Marvel skeptic like me, claiming that this era of film is the worst in history, and using the language of invasion, makes these directors sound like aging cranks yelling at the kids to get off their grass.

It also makes them sound, unfortunately, like they’re yelling at women to get off their screens. 


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