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Review: the OnePlus 10T offers flagship speed for a midrange price - The Verge

The OnePlus 10T includes a top-shelf Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor — Qualcomm’s latest and greatest — plus ridiculously fast wired charging. It’s a phone for a niche audience, but it delivers on its promises.

Technically, OnePlus didn’t go anywhere. Especially in Europe and India, it’s been very much present over the past few years, putting out midrange devices that perform better than their price points indicate. But in the US, it feels like the company hasn’t quite had the same profile in recent years.

That’s changing with the OnePlus 10T, a $649 phone focused on delivering high performance. It’s a well-defined niche, and the phone follows through on its promises. It isn’t everything for everyone, and that makes it good.

If there’s one standout on the 10T’s spec sheet to know about, it’s the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor. It’s a highly capable chipset — the very best you can find in an Android phone in 2022. And the 10T has it for less than $700. That tells you a lot about what this phone’s whole deal is. There’s also very fast wired charging on board — 125W in the US, and it only stops there because our power outlets aren’t designed to handle higher voltages.

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