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Navagraha Homam • Navagraha means the nine grahas that influence the living of human being. Navagraha homam helps in reducing the bad influence of these grahas. Who should do this Homam:

  1. The Navagraha Homam is recommended for all, particularly for those individuals whose planets are in detrimental or malefic positions.
  2. For individual horoscopes with Shani & Kuja (Sevai) doshas.
  3. Individuals suffering due to health issues, delays in marriage, delay in birth of children. When you should do this Homam: Any persons whose planetary positions are not in right alignment during the period which can in turn create doshas. Doshas have negative influence on leading a smooth life. Saturday and Tuesdays are recommended. Procedure: Ganapathi Pooja ,Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam,Kalasa Pooja,Navagraha Homam (Japam & Aavarti),Poornahuti & Prasad Distribution.

For Enquiries visit: onlinehomam. Mobile : 9176402573

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