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The best entertainment of 2022 - The Verge News in New York

2022 has been filled with great video games, TV shows, and movies, from streaming hits like Stranger Things, Severance, and Ms. Marvel to blockbuster games like Elden Ring and Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

We all know the feeling: you sit down in front of the TV, exhausted after a long day, only to become absolutely paralyzed by choice. There’s so much to watch and play that settling on one single thing to do can be a challenge. So we’re here to make your evenings a little less stressful. Throughout 2022 this page will be regularly updated with all of our favorite entertainment experiences — everything from the latest hit on Netflix to that open-world game people can’t stop talking about — to make those moments of choice that much easier. If you see a show, game, or movie in this collection, know that it’s an experience we fully recommend.

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