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YouTuber Jackie Aina under fire for naming a candle after a Nigerian protest slogan

Jackie Aina's lifestyle brand FORVR Mood launched a candle named "Sòro Sókè," a phrase used in Nigerian protests against police brutality.

Makeup guru Jackie Aina is under fire for using a slogan associated with the Nigerian movement against police brutality as an "aesthetic" in her new candle collection.

Aina, 35, started as a beauty YouTuber and is known for advocating for inclusivity for people of color in the makeup industry. After calling out the brand Too Faced for its limited shade range, Aina collaborated with the brand to expand its foundation collection to include darker skin tones.

On Thursday, Aina's home goods brand FORVR Mood announced four new candle fragrances, one of which was named "Sòro Sókè." The phrase, which translates to "Speak louder" in Yoruba, was a rallying cry used in demonstrations against police brutality in Nigeria.

Nigerian social media users have denounced the candle fragrance name as insensitive, and criticized Aina for being slow to use her platform to boost the movement at the height of the protests. Aina's name was trending on Twitter on Friday.

Representatives for Aina and FORVR Mood did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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